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love - i believe


Do you want more, or do you want less?

"I want less but for longer." ~jcm

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In which I Friday5 and brag about my weekends
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This week's Friday5 deals with Spinning.

1. What’s had you spinning ’round in circles lately?
Nothing that pops into my head at the moment. However, not so much in the spinning sense, but I have been absolutely dorking out about The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (a modern video blog adaptation of Pride and Prejudice). if you have been following me on Twitter, I do apologize for all of the fan-girling. It is just that the online community is so great. :)

2. When were you last on a bicycle?
I'm guessing the last bicycle I rode was probably a stationary one at a gym or something, but I cannot recall the last time I used an actual bike. I think about getting one all the time, though.

3. Who’s the best storyteller you know?
I am sure there is someone that I have known for quite awhile who tells the best stories, but at the moment, the only person I can conjure up is a lady at work named Tiffany. She always has these dramatic stories to tell that make you laugh, and she creates such awesome visuals. I love it.

4. How well do you handle carnival rides?
Oh, not well at all. I am not really a fan of roller-coasters or much of anything that gives me that sensation of falling.
I can do those ridiculous water rides if I pump myself up.
However, I do love going to carnivals and festivals. Love playing the games, eating the food, and hearing the music of life all around. It's great.

5. What do you think of TV gameshow Wheel of Fortune?
I haven't thought about it in a really long time. Though when it does pop into my head, I think about the host Pat Sajak and how it was exposed that he was high for most of the show tapings back in the day.
It seems like a lot of TV hosts have such tragic stories.

Two weekends ago, my very good friend John Burke had his first piano concert at our alma mater. The place was packed (everyone loves him)! He has self-released two albums now (the purpose of his concert was to debut his second), and I just could not be prouder. I have had nothing to do with his skills or success, but I was a proud mama bear while I was there listening and watching him play such lovely and poignant pieces. He makes my heart lighter, and I shall adore him always.

There was a strong OU contingent there as well, so it was great to see old friends and reconnect. As you know, nothing makes me happier than being in a room filled with friends, laughing, and hugging. It's like salve for the soul.

Last weekend was supposed to be 'stay at home and get tipsy while re-watching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (TheLBD)'. However, the best laid plans, as you know. I ended up getting two free tickets to the Ringling, Barnum, and Baileys "Dragons" show. They were VIP Suite Box tickets. I mean, top-notch. However, finding someone to attend with me became quite a problem. Either people already had plans or if I would have called them three hours earlier, they would have been free.

I called my friend Charlotte, and she was looking for someone to go with her to this big fundraising event that was to help the LGBTQ organization The Rainbow Center. It was supposed to be this huge costume party that had a Paradise theme, a live band, open bar, and lots of fun. I ended up going to that, and it was ALL OF THOSE THINGS. There was a crazy amount of food, dancing, fabulous drag queens, an aerial artist, a fire dancer - and all of this was in this historic Atlanta mansion that Charlotte works at.
It was where I supposed to go, and I am so glad that I did.

I also got to see one of my loveliest friends Aly (Alybaster if you're me). She sneaked into town for an audition for the weekend, and it was so good to see her for even the briefest of times. I just love her so much. New York is too far away! :)

This weekend will consist of resting, lots of Up W/ Chris Hayes political nerding out, and reading.
Ron Currie Jr.'s new book FLIMSY LITTLE PLASTIC MIRACLES came out recently, and I finally got it.

I think I have mentioned him here previously on the blog, but his first two books were (ARE) so out-of-the-box amazing to me that it is almost scary. It is interesting because his books are normally not the kind of genres that I gravitate toward, and yet, they are now two of my favorite novels.

In the end, I don't think it has much to do with the genres, for me it has more to do with the way Ron writes. I have been trying to explain it to different people all week long, and I am still trying to come up with a sensible explanation. His writing is not overt in any way, and it is not the topics either. It's something about the viewpoint he finds in these topics, and the simplistic and beautiful way he writes them. He explains need and love and devastation in ways I have never heard them spoken about before.

Lately I have been saying that his writing scratches my soul. That may sound weird and kind of awful, but it fits. When I read God is Dead and Everything Matters!, his words stuck so closely with me when I wasn't reading them. In an almost uncomfortable way. His words somehow have a direct link to the bottom of my heart, and they sit there and shake or something.

I don't know. His novels read almost poetic, and they haunt me.

So I am actually kind of afraid to dive into this next book (even though I have been BEYOND excited about its release for six months) because this one particularly focuses on love and loss and hope - all of which will emotionally kill me because his last two books have made me cry from the inadvertent love stories. So I'm guessing this one is going to rip my gut apart.

However, for Ron Currie Jr., who writes beautifully and takes a story into places I have never traveled, I am sure he will make my ravaged gut worth it.
... which is eerily funny because my roommate had to tear apart the box that the book came in to get it out of our mailbox.
I figured that was a sign. :)

Remember to love.