Dallas (lipsoflove) wrote,

In which I am immune to my own words but fall deeply for another's

My brother called me this evening while I was walking home from the bus stop.
After the pleasantries, he said, "I need my sister."
This translates into him having lady problems.
He likes to call me for relationship advice.
The former playa-playa calls me for advice.
The girl who has never been in a relationship.
The girl who almost dates or just has sex. The two never meet.

It's odd. I shouldn't be giving out advice on something I have never experienced. Yet I have always been able to see other people's relationships with a keen perspective. I hate it, actually. Not only because I find it invasive and kind of rude to be able to see someone's future path before they can even see it, but also because I should be able to apply this to my own life, right?
All of those sage words and cleverly coined phrases I am able to remember from philosophy or self-help books long ago seem to truly help others. Not me, though. I am immune.


I am in a mood right now because I'm in the thick of Ron Currie's new book. I was right. He has gotten my emotions all flipped upside down. There has been at least one quote on every page that has made me want to cry or wonder if the author himself has received a thorough tour of my brain. His words seep right into me, or they are me, and that creeps me the hell out.

In the end, however, I am sure I will love it. Good writing should affect you. I appreciate what he does and think that he is a border-line, troubled genius, but gosh, I just don't know if I am emotionally strong enough to take it all in.

I am going to write him a letter one day and tell him that every book he has written that I have read has plunged me into an existential crisis.

He will probably laugh and say, "Me too."

Remember to love.
Tags: books, family, love, reading
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