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love - i believe


Do you want more, or do you want less?

"I want less but for longer." ~jcm

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NaBloPoMo Day 1: Ummm, tomorrow?
love - i believe
Hello, Dallas here! (Whaaaaaaat?) This was to be my intro post for National Blog Posting Month 2013, but I am down to the wire; it's almost midnight! Work was insane, and then a MUST needed nap was had. Add those two things together and you have the whole day swallowed up. I have not even eaten dinner! How do people have children?!??!

Okay, I digress. More in-depth posts and fun times (subjective) to come!
Now, it is time for dinner. Breakfast. Brinner?
Le sigh. You would think I were still in college. :)

Remember to love.