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NaBloPoMo Day 2: I am still obsessed with television

I meant to do the official "Welcome to Dallas' life" intro post again today, but the more I think about, there is not that much to introduce. Or rather, not that much has changed to require a new post if you will. Not to mention that my Twitter bio says it all quite succinctly. 28. Works in non-profit. Arts lover. Tennis obsessed. Avid fan of laughter, hugs, and martinis. Moderator for #TheLBD #EmmaApproved room on TogetherTube.
Those are all true things!

(And it is almost midnight yet again! Damn time and its constant movement!)

I have been watching one of the new shows on the CW network called REIGN, and for some reason, I almost feel embarrassed to say it to people. I find that quite odd because I do not have that feeling about any other show I watch. I gleefully, and loudly proclaim, that I watch The Vampire Diaries (love that show!) and will tell anyone who listens. That show comes on the CW as well, and people who do not watch it assume that it is geared toward tweens who like boys with pretty eyes. I am not saying tweens do not watch it, but the show is quite well-written once you get past the first few episodes. it turns into crack, and there is no way to stop watching! (Also, Paul Wesley is hottttttttt.)

However, with REIGN, I want to hate it, but at the end of every episode I find myself re-watching certain scenes and thinking, "Dammitt! They have sucked me in!" The show is based on Mary, Queen of Scot, who has just left a convent as a teenager to finally marry Prince Francis of France (they really should have worked on that name), who she has been betrothed to since she was six years old. It is a political alliance, like all royal marriages were at that time, with danger lurking everywhere because England wants to overtake Scotland.

I think I am drawn to the show because Mary and Francis are dealing with life or death decisions constantly, for them and their countries, and they are just children. I find the responsibilities that lay on their shoulders intriguing and frightening. And maybe I wanted to hate it because the show was based around teenagers and it would be advertised to tweens, but I have found that I like that the crew behind the show has cast teenagers. I have seen way too many adaptations of royal histories and plays like Romeo and Juliet where they cast these thirty year old people in roles that were meant to be for the young.

I always defend R&J to people who speak on how idiotic the protagonists were. Of course they were over-dramatic and hormonal; they were bored and young Italian teenagers who were hot and horny in the summer! Duh.

I have watched all three episodes so far, and though that may be too early to say the show is definitely a must-watch, I will continue to see it every week because it brings me joy. Also, I find that the set design helps the show because it is GORGEOUS. Oh my goodness. Whoever is the scout location manager for this show deserves all the accolades. The show is beautiful from beginning to end.

Okay... I did not expect this entry to be about my rising adoration for a tiny show on a tiny network, but there you have it. It is one of the many reasons why I love writing out my thoughts; I never know where they are going to lead. It is quite a fun and revelatory journey.

Remember to love.
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