Dallas (lipsoflove) wrote,

NaBloPoMo Day 3 (Revamped): Something about time and sleep

I thought my entry from last night was posted because it said it was, but apparently LJ ate it. Or Frank the Goat ate it. One of the two.

Wasn't yesterday the LONGEST day ever? Advantageously for us nine-to-fivers it was a Sunday, and any weekend day that feels long will always be accepted as a godsend. But because of the time change, and the fact that it was semi-gloomy outside, it felt like it was nighttime FOREVER. I remember thinking it was four o'clock in the afternoon and then looking at my clock and seeing that it was only eleven thirty in the morning. So from then on out, I was a confused and time-dazed human. By six o'clock I wanted someone to knock me over the head with a brick and let me sleep for twenty hours.
Time change is weird is what I am saying, yo.

This is the last week of the tennis season, and part of me is screaming, "What? Noooooooo. Nadal don't go!" While the other part of me is shrugging and saying, "You need a break as much as the players do. It has been a long year, and you are an obsessed crazy person. You are creating your own Excel spreadsheets for tournaments now! Woman, take it down a notch!"

But will I ever? Probably not.
Who has time for children when there is so much tennis on?!?***

***That is now my tagline for everything now. "Who has time for children when...." or "This and this happened; who has time for children after all that?!"

Bless you parents and your brave souls. You all deserve medals and lots and lots of pie!
My obsessions run deep and tiny humans are not allowed to intervene.
(I promise that I am an adult. Most of the time.)

Remember to love.
Tags: life, nablopomo, tennis
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