Dallas (lipsoflove) wrote,

NaBloPoMo Day 4: A Family Blessing

My sister texted me to call her yesterday. We talk very rarely - maybe about four times a year. She is one of those people who I do not have to talk to often, but we know exactly what is going on in each others lives as soon as we do. And I think because we do not talk often, our conversations are always great. So many topics pushed into an hour of discussion.

And boy does she make me LAUGH. Giggle like a school-girl laugh. Drink whiskey with your forty-year-old male friend boisterous laugh. Chuckle until you feel the tears on your cheek laugh. I love that about her. I laugh a lot, but with her, it is on a completely different level. I would say it is because I have known her for so long, and you can be more easily affected emotionally by people you have a deep history with. However, no one else makes me laugh as hard or as easily as she does.

And she was telling me about some deep family drama, and yet still she was making me laugh constantly. I am sure it is part defense mechanism from both of us, but goodness, it makes me happy. She is a tough cookie as well. I have to remember that back at home I was not the only who had to stay strong.

She is graduating college in May, and she just passed her state certification exam, which is huge! I think I have talked about it here before, but we were blessed, blessed, BLESSED to get out of the absolute muck that we were in as children. We should have been the worst kind of statistic, but somehow, all three of us - me, my brother, and my sister - were able to leave that place, see our potential, and reach for it.

Remember to love.
Tags: family, nablopomo
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