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I had dinner with my extremely good friend Joy the other night. Over three hours of catching up, laughter, and amazing Indian food. It was just what I needed without knowing it.

Seriously guys, it has only been four days into it, and this time change has been kicking my ass. I get home, make a meal, and the darkness has already descended. By the time I have eaten and began to start the relaxation point of my evening, my body is thinking it is time to head to dreamland. At like seven o'clock! And you could even say, "Oh, well at least you become better rested." NOPE. I wake up, and it is chilly and gloomy (because WINTER IS COMING) and my body wants to hibernate. So I feel exhausted all day AND night.
Stupid seasonal blahblahblah disorder.

In lieu of all that, I am drinking more water and this weekend will buy more healthy snacks and produce so that I can try to keep my energy up. Also lots of Emergen-C. And hand sanitizer. Because people are gross and do not wash their hands after coughing and sneezing into them. Ick.

On to better news.
My tennis husband, Rafael Nadal, has clenched the Number One title for the end of the year! He has Cinderella story written all over him regarding the past 18 months of his career. He was absent from the game for seven months starting in July of last year, and then he came back in February and has beaten everyone into submission by how awesome he is. He is 73-6 now and has the most winning record on tour for the 2013 season (which is INSANE after being away for more than half a year). He has been in 13 finals of the 16 tournaments he has played. AND he is up to 13 Grand Slams won total. He is the only player to win four Masters 1000 series tournaments in a row.

Did I mention he was amazing?
'Cause he is.
I have to brag for him because he never does. He is too humble! <3

Remember to love.
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